THEY HAD ENOUGH! ‘Cheering crowd blocks fire engines’ as Muslim Migrant shelter is destroyed by blaze

From The Sun

A BLAZE at a migrant shelter in Germany was cheered by a crowd of onlookers, police have said.

Cops claimed people watched the building burn with “unashamed delight”, with some even trying to stop fire engines from reaching the scene.

The premier of the Saxony region described those who got in the way as “criminals” after the roof was destroyed.

Two drunk men were also arrested for refusing to leave the scene.

The former hotel in the East German town of Bautzen had been earmarked to house 300 migrants until it was ravaged by the inferno in a suspected case of arson.

The source of the fire is now being probed by anti-extremism detectives.

A general view of the burnt roof of a planned refugee home in Bautzen, Germany

Aftermath … much of the building’s roof was destroyed in the blaze

If proven to have been started deliberately it is the latest in a string of anti-migrant incidents in Eastern Germany.

Earlier in the week, a group of over 100 protesters blocked the arrival of a bus of migrants to the town of Clausnitz.

In the neighbouring Brandenburg region, cops are looking into leaflets distributed by suspected neo-Nazis urging “absolute resistance” against the ongoing “foreigner invasion”.

Anti-immigrant feelings have been on the rise in Germany since the country received over a million asylum seekers in the last year.



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