They Thought They Were Accepting Victims of War. What They Got Was Islamic Terrorists

via AAN: Spain was initially resistant to accepting Middle Eastern refugees, but eventually relented under pressure from other European nations. This week, it nearly came back to bite them:

Seven suspected jihadist cell members have been arrested in Spain in a series of raids across southern provinces. The ring is being accused of funding terrorism as well as money laundering for Islamic State and Al-Nusra terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.

The cell was also responsible for running arms, military equipment, bomb material, and electronic devices disguised as humanitarian shipments destined for the jihadist groups in the Middle East, Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz announced, confirming the arrest of seven cell members on Sunday.

President Obama and his team of cultural relativists can deny the Islamic nature of ISIS all they want, and assure their weak kneed supporters that Islam is a religion of profound peace. They can explain away Islamic radicalism as a product of economic victimhood and colonial backlash, and when it comes to Islamic action against the United States, they’ll find an eager base of peaceniks willing to buy into it. But Spain presents a problem. They’re not an aggressive actor on the world stage.  Spain’s only “sin” against the Islamic world is the over 500 year old reconquista, which marked the beginning of the end for Islam in Europe.

ISIS is well aware of this. Their plan to “Make Islam Great Again” starts with the reconquest of lost European territory. Like Spain. The likelihood of this happening is small; but the likelihood that they’ll be able to commit heinous acts of terror in furtherance of that mission is extremely high. Obama should stop referring to these Islamic radicals as “a bunch of guys in pickup trucks” and get serious about their intentions. They have a clear goal- to bring death and destruction upon the Christian West- and a clear vehicle- sympathetic left-wing populaces open to accepting hordes of refugees. And they’re acting on it. Whether we admit it or not, we’re in the midst of a holy war. We should act accordingly.


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