THEY WON’T ASSIMILATE: Entitled Muslims Make Demands Likely To Cause BIG Issues For US Employers

From Mad World: Conservatives have warned that Muslim immigrants do not assimilate. Once again, Islamists are proving us right. For a devout Muslim, the only way is the way of Islam, and they will destroy anyone or anything standing in their way, including the culture to which they migrated. Entitled Muslims are proving how true this is with their new demands that likely spell big trouble for US employers.

Muslims across the United States are forcing American companies to observe their daily prayer breaks, which they demand to take several times a day. Apparently, their 30 to 60-minute lunch breaks and two designated times for prayer aren’t cutting it because they still don’t have enough time for five prayer breaks.

Because “praying during a meal break” goes against their belief, lunch time cannot be used for prayer. So, they actually need five 10-minute prayer breaks outside of their scheduled lunch time, which means they’re basically asking for nearly an additional hour of downtime each day. Since most companies cannot allow such a request, Muslims are crying foul and have decided to take action against their employers to strong-arm them into seeing things their way.

According to Pamela Geller, Muslim workers have walked off the job at Ariens Co. in Wisconsin after their prayer requests weren’t met. Not only did they request breaks, but they’ve also demanded that the production line be stopped so they can all pray simultaneously instead of taking staggered breaks to make sure production flows accordingly.

Even though they reportedly have no solidified prayer schedule and have the flexibility of making up for missed prayer times off-the-clock, they refuse to do so and adamantly insist on praying during business hours. Since Ariens Co. refused to allow such a steep request, these Muslims decided to take matters into their own hands.

The company has released a statement about the ordeal. Although they do have to designated times for prayer, the company refuses to bend any further. The only other alternative workers have would be to take different work shifts that “do not coincide with prayer time.”

“We are open to any of the employees returning to work under the new policy or will look for openings in shifts that do not coincide with prayer time,” read a statement from Ariens. “We respect their faith, and we respect their decision regardless of their choice to return to work or not.”

This entire “walk-off” strategy could become a serious problem for United States employers. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first incident that’s occurred. Back in December, more than 150 Muslims were fired from meat-packaging company in Fort Morgan, Colorado because of the same issue. Like the Wisconsin issue, these Muslims also wanted to pray at a time of their choice five times a day, according to the Denver Post. Obviously, the company wasn’t having it. More companies need to take this approach or Americans will soon be forced to observe all customs recognized under Sharia law.

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