THEY’RE JUMPING SHIP: Something MAJOR is COMING, Mooch Scrubs All Hillary Content From Her Twitter


HAHA! Oh boy if this is true, and some people believe it is, Michelle scrubbing Hillary from her Twitter history is glorious. There are reports, and this is what they are saying…

We all know that Michelle Obama can flip the switch like no other. Back in 2008 she was telling America that Hillary is the WORST type of person to put into the White House. She attacked Hillary’s ability as a Mother, and now in 2010, she is telling America that Hillary is the person to put into the White House for the very SAKE of our children!

Hypocrite! Speaking out of both sides of your mouth does not look good on ANYONE! Even in politics, it’s just….scumbag behavior. So obviously very fitting for Democrats.

In fact, I’m going to leave this little nugget of IRONY right here for you to watch…you’ll see exactly what I mean by SCUMBAG behavior.

That ladies and gentleman is Michelle Obama. The very woman who gets up in front of America to point out the flaws and lies of others all day and all night long…looking down her nose, making the perfect poses, facial expressions, and waving her arms around like she’s the conductor of heaven’s choir herself.

All the while, her little “I am virtuous” act…isn’t very convincing for those who know the truth. Flattery is her talent, not virtue. Trickery with words is her deadliest weapon against our more ignorant American. Who cannot know, what they do not know.

Therefore…the flattery of the lying and deceiving Democratic party is working on them.

So Michelle in 2008 burns Hillary. Now in 2016, she has her head so far up Hillary’s arse it’s embarrassing. All because it fits what SHE wants to happen…

But now, Hillary is under the microscope of the FBI…and some believe, she has turned on Hillary once more and completely scrubbed Hillary off the history of her Twitter account.

Not so #withher now?


If this is true, it sounds like there is about to be a throw-down.

Who do you think would win in a match-up between Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton?