Thief Breaks Into Fallen Marine, Christopher Bordoni, Widow’s Home and Commits Dishonorable Crime


The term “stolen valor” is often used to describe somebody who falsely pretends to be a decorated veteran. Recently, however, those words took on a new meaning when the medals of a fallen vet were literally stolen from his widow.

Christopher Bordoni was a combat veteran who served honorably in the U.S. Marine Corps. During a deployment in Afghanistan, Bordoni sustained injuries that later took his life. He was only 21 when he died.

Some of the most precious items that Christopher left his wife, Jessica, were his military medals. Among his awards were a Purple Heart, and an Achievement Medal with Valor.

According to Newsmax, those medals were just stolen. Christopher’s parents stated that a thief broke into his widow’s Wilmington, N.C. home and took a variety of items.

That theft is bad enough — but clothes, jewelry, and even Christmas presents were also stolen.

“You don’t know what sentimental value there is to jewelry, but when you see medals, — you know, medals came with a price,” said Tim Bordoni, the veteran’s father. “It’s just unconscionable for someone to do that.”

A special memorial rifle, which was ordered by the Marine Corps unit and given to the family, was also taken.


The Marine’s family said that replacement medals can be ordered, but they will never be the same as the originals.

“The Purple Heart was pinned on Christopher’s bandages in the hospital just minutes before he died. The Marine Corps Achievement Medal of valor was presented to the family just a couple hours after we laid him to rest,” explained the soldier’s mother.

The family has circulated details of the theft on social media in an attempt to recover the service medals, but nobody has come forward.

“We just hope that whoever did this finds it in their heart to somehow get them back to the family,” said the veteran’s mother.

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