Randy Abbot with the children he teaches to surf.

In Encinitas, California surfer Randy Abbot uses special surfboards to not only surf, but to teach young children who are disabled to surf.  What he does is nothing short of spectacular. Randy himself is paralyzed and uses a wheelchair for mobility when he’s out of the water.

Randy has has a nonprofit called, “The View from 42,” which is the height of his eyes as he sits in a wheelchair.

On Monday evening, Randy was surprised to see two men cutting the boards loose from his surfboard rack on his car, which was right outside his training center in Oceanside.

[quote_center]”I was right there in my wheelchair,” said Abbott. “I said, ‘Hey, I’m paralyzed. Don’t steal my surfboards!’ And then they came and attacked me.”[/quote_center]

Police found two of the boards near the scene badly damaged but but one board is still missing. It’s lime green with rasta colors and should stick out to anyone in the surf scene.

According to his local news Randy lost the use of his legs a few years ago after back surgery went terribly wrong. “They told me I’d never surf again … but I am,” said Abbott.

He surfs and teaches kids who otherwise could not. The broken boards were just a minor setback.
From Randy’s Facebook:

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