Think You’re Gonna Burn an US Flag When Trump Is President? His Punishment is HARDCORE!

Flag burning has always been a rather contentious issue. Even Justice Antonin Scalia came out and ruled that it is legal under peoples first amendment rights. But that does not mean that people like it. Many believe it to be disgustingly unpatriotic. President Elect Trump is one of those people. Like always, he took to social media outlet Twitter to express his real feelings about what should be done to take care of flag burners.

He tweeted out the following message,

Some people responded to that immediately,

A bunch of people responded with happiness and agreement. Certainly they would agree with the statement, if you do not like our country that much then get out! While others called it out for being illegal and unconstitutional.

President Elect Trump wants to punish flag burners with a revocation of citizenship or a year on jail. While that may seem nice it in all likelihood will not happen. Even conservative justices of the Supreme Court such as Antonin Scalia believed it was constitutional to burn the flag even if it was deplorable and reprehensible. The first amendment push back alone would force him to have to give this cause up.

Not to mention, just because you disagree with something someone does does not mean you can throw them in jail. There are laws in place that prohibit that. And it is down right as un-American as burning a American flag.

In a perfect world there would be no flag burning and people would just respect the great country we all call home and live in. But we do not live in a perfect world and it happens all the time. Especially when living in a liberal world full of progressives who try and shame us all for loving our country.

What do you think? Could President Elect Trump actually make his wishes comes true? Comment below.

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