This Black Man Hates Cops, Then His Sister Was Killed And Something Changed

This heartwarming story will have you in tears about a cop and a black American man. An African American man named Mark Ross found out that his sister was killed in a car accident. Ross’s mother was a few states away so he was able to coerce a friend who had a suspended license to drive him to his mothers house. The police pulled the car over and immediately had the car impounded because the driver had a old warrant out for his arrest.

He broke down in tears to the police officer and told him his story and situation when they became stranded. So the police officer offered to drive Ross as far as he could to get him as close as possible. Which meant Sgt. Robinson drove Ross one hundred miles. Ross posted to Facebook that when their journey together ended at the finish of the one hundred miles that the police officer began praying with him and for him for his family in their time of need.

Ross said,

Everybody knows how much I dislike Cops but I am truly Greatful for this Guy. He gave me hope.”

It is stories like these that show the true compassion and empathy in the world. That it doesn’t matter if you are black or even blue in this case. We can all bind through common hardships and tragedy. But most importantly we can all extend an olive branch however big or small in our times of need or others.

This story also completely breaks down the stereotype that all cops are bad, evil, racists who constantly target black Americans because they inherently don’t like them. At the end of the day they care deeply about the people they serve and are willing to do anything to help a stranger in need. It is why they went into the field of public service.

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