This Chick Seeks To Be FATTEST Women EVER, Should Taxpayers Not Be Responsible For Medical Costs?


First off, gross. This woman has decided to NOT enjoy life at it’s fullest but set her goal to enjoy life being the fullest. 27-yr-old Monica Riley is beyond fat jokes and she’s certainly past her families concern for her health. She is a selfish woman who wants to live a gluttonous lifestyle that forces people to care for her. It’s a lifestyle choice at this point and much weirder than some I’ve seen. She is currently doing all she can to put on MORE weight. Her boyfriend feeds her ice cream and poptart shakes from a funnel almost every day.

I can see myself getting fat eating lots of high quality delicious food, but the stuff this chick eats is NASTY. Monica met Sid Riley online 4 months ago and he has been ‘cooking’ for her ever since. Her typical menu on any given day would look like this:
How To Get Very Fat Menu
8,000 Calories a Day

6 biscuits
6 sausages in a bread roll
1 big bowl of sugary cereal
2 weight gain shakes (ice cream and poptarts)
4 McChicken sandwiches
4 double cheeseburgers
1 large French fries
30 chicken nuggets
macaroni and cheese
Taco Bell
1 gallon of ice cream.

So if you have ANY taste buds you will know that while junk food like this above is pleasing there are so many other foods that reach more ‘notes’ on the pallet than this crap. If you haven’t experienced something that tastes better than McDonalds or Taco Bell, you have an eating disorder. And you need to go on a 48-hr no food ALL water fast then go to a 4-star restaurant and order any multi-course meal. The portions may be small, but they are oh so satisfying. I believe it’s disrespectful to food and the plants and animals who sacrificed their lives for your meal to just stuff your face and not taste every aspect of what you are eating. You can’t do this when quantity is your main goal. If you want to gain weight— stop tasting food. If you want to lose weight— start eating slowly and try to notice every different spice and flavor you can in each bite. Less is way more satisfying unless your goal is to weigh more!

If you agree with Monica’s NASTY treatment of food, you would also agree that with a 91-inch belly she is well on her way to reaching her delightful goal of being the heaviest living woman on earth. She’s currently hitting the scales at 700 pounds and wants to get over 1,000 pounds ASAP. Monica and Sid enjoy their feeding times as much as anyone making passionate love in the bedroom. Monica says feeding time is sexual to her, again I say look at the garbage she is eating. It is no wonder she equates ‘feeding’ time to sex. She has not experienced the good pleasure of either in their most heightened forms.

It is not surprising that her mother is concerned for her health and well-being. Her boyfriend, Sid, may not be around forever to take care of Monica, leaving that work to mom. Monica says she want’s to be so fat that all of her necessities of life are done FOR her. She equated being really fat and helpless to being an Egyptian queen where everything would be fed to her by someone else. Her boyfriend currently bathes her too because she’s so large. After eating he rolls her onto her tummy to help her be more comfortable.
“It’s a sexual fantasy for us and we talk about it a lot. He already has to help me get off the sofa and get me out of bed.

“If I lay down after a big dinner he has to help me roll over because my belly is too full for me to roll — it’s a big turn-on for both of us.”

She ‘models’ for a site called ‘Big Beautiful Women’ and even posts videos of Sid feeding her on the internet. She claims to have more than 20,000 followers. Sick, sick people who are watching the demise of a poor mentally ill woman. I personally am not fit to say the least and have put on stress weight in my life but it’s never comfortable especially when headed to the toilet. I guess that brings another question to mind… does she really think getting fatter will force people to do EVERYTHING for her? No one can go to the bathroom for you honey and you’re eating so much that you’ve got to be swallowing that toilet pretty often. *Shudder… does Sid take care of that too?

Here’s a video of Monica’s fat life:

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