“This is repulsive” Hillary Clinton Comms Staffer Lashes Out at “Angel Parents” Speaking at Trump Rally

A senior Clinton operative known as Ian Sams had a nasty response on social media to the parents of an American murdered by an illegal alien. They spoke at a Trump rally in Phoenix, Arizona this past Wednesday evening. He called the parents repulsive. The parents are called Angel Moms, a colloquial name used for parents of children killed by illegal aliens.

Sams is the communications person for key battleground states for the Clinton campaign. So it is not surprising he took the route of shaming parents who lost their children in a tragic way. After all Hillary had no problem lying straight in the faces of the parents of the soldiers and ambassador murdered in Bengahzi, Libya. In response to the Angel Moms appearance on stage Sams posted this to social media,

Others posted to social media about the Angel Moms too,

However, Sams isn’t the only one with something derogatory to say about the Angel Moms. Mark MacKinnon of the Globe and Mail called the moms rude names too Twitter.

It is funny how people deem the Angel Moms presence at the rally as hateful yet do not take issue with the mothers of dead African American men killed by police officers being invited to the VMAs. You can not have it both ways. By that theory then it was hateful to bring those moms to the VMAs and for Beyoncé to do a skit where actors were pretend shot to symbolize police brutality. Yet the Angel Moms being at a rally is hateful?

It is one way or the other. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. This simply exposes the narrow minded aspect of the liberal ideology. It’s wrong when someone else does it but when I do it their is nothing wrong.

It is highly hypocritical.

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