This is the Appalling Response our Veterans get when they call VA’s Suicide Hotline

From Mad World:

It’s not really news when the Department of Veteran Affairs screws up anymore, but this time, they are not even trying to help. The socialized medical and psychological treatment that the veterans here in the United States receive is appalling at best. A new documentary is now shedding light on the government’s treatment of our soldiers, and it’s focusing on suicide.

The new film seeks to explore the suicide rate of American veterans, which statistically is 22 per day, almost one per hour.  The documentary seeks to shed some light on the VA’s shortcomings, of which there are many. The Oscar-winning HBO film Crisis Hotline has revealed some appalling practices at the VA that could have dangerous consequences for our nation’s heroes. Veterans are left in worse shape after they call the suicide hotline, of all things.

When veterans call the suicide hotline, many are sent straight to voicemail. Pete Hegseth, who has been investigating the agency’s  practices over the last few years, discussed the issue on Fox and Friends.

Pete Hegseth

Pete Hegseth

“If you’re a veteran who is suicidal, and you’re calling a hotline, and you’re getting a voicemail … How much does that increase the chances of you harming yourself, or taking your own life?” he said. Hegseth said no one should blame the operators, who are “wonderful people, trying to do the best they can. It’s the bureaucracy that, on top of all of this, is incapable of delivering quality service,” he explained. “Just the thought of a veteran who’s suicidal getting a voicemail – this is a powerful depiction of what a lot of vets face.”

Hegseth places the blame for the lack of oversight on the bloated bureaucracy and increased government stranglehold on the healthcare industry, especially in the VA. It seems that each time a new problem arises in the VA, the solution is to add more red tape and more government nonsense, which has solved nothing.

Socialized medicine is nothing but bureaucratic mazes and paperwork. It’s obvious that the government can’t even manage the healthcare of the nation’s military families and something as simple as a manned suicide hotline. There is no way that same government will be able to provide a socialized medical system to almost 319 million Americans. Socialized control of a resource is never the best option, and sadly, our vets were the guinea pigs in this experiment.

“For God and Country—Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo……..Geronimo E.K.I.A.” -U.S. Navy SEAL VI

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