THIS IS TOO MUCH! MSNBC’s Mr.Brian Williams Does Hit Piece On Fake News In Trump Circle (VIDEO)

Brian “I was there” Williams talked about fake news and the alleged sway of the election.

Brian. Williams.

Of course he’s legit and we trust him, which is why he’s the perfect gasbag to talk about the alleged fake news that the mainstream media and leftists are blaming for Hillary losing the election.

Brian Williams. Ha. He’s as resourcefully truthful as Pinocchio before he turned into a real boy. If Brian William’s nose grew every time he lied, then we could use it as a bridge from California to Hawaii.

Mainstream media and the leftist news outlets are blaming right wing partisan news sites for swaying the election in Donald Trump’s favor. Of course, that’s just another excuse for Hillary, the lifetime politician who lost to an orange fella with no experience.

Everyone has a million excuses for why she lost instead of accepting their loss fair and square.

Partisan news sites have been around for years. Look at hacky feminist safety-pin sites like Huffington Post who bash anything that’s an inch away from being liberal. How about BuzzFeed, which should really be called “I exist because I stole everything from everyone years ago-feed” – they clearly swing to the left and post nothing but drivel upon dreck.

Look at the Facebook’s leftist pages who can’t string a few funny memes together when they bash the right wingers. They don’t even have a decent sense of humor.

Was anyone blaming those mounds of mutt-droppings when Obama won twice? No. No one cared about what the websites said when they voiced their opinion for/against a candidate. People don’t vote based on what they read on a website or Facebook page. They vote because they want to and they vote for whom they like. Most people already have their mind made up before they read anything online.

I knew from the moment that Hillary announced her campaign, that there was no chance of me voting for her unless Chris Christie ran for the GOP. I had enough democrat nonsense for eight years.

It’s funny that right wing partisan sites are being called “fake news” and it’s really hilarious that a guy like Brian Williams is reporting on it. Let me guess, he was there.

Most right wing news sites post legit news with opinions mixed in or suffixed to the end of an article. We’re allowed to voice our opinions, right? Or is that against the rules that leftists think exist?


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