THIS IS WAR! Kellogg Just Issued SICK Statement About Conservatives! BOYCOTT!

Ask yourself, are you a conservative? Maybe you read Breitbart? If your answer to these two questions is a YES. Well then, food producer Kellogg says…they don’t want your business! (There’s a BOYCOTT waiting to happen…)

According to USA Today, the food manufacturer has come out with a statement that claims they would discontinue its advertising on Breitbart, citing that it had ‘inadvertently missed’ that their ads were appearing on the conservative forum.

“We regularly work with our media buying partners to ensure our ads do not appear on sites that aren’t aligned with our values as a company,” Kellogg spokeswoman Kris Charles said. “This involves reviewing websites where ads could potentially be placed using filtering technology to assess site content.

“As you can imagine, there is a very large volume of websites, so occasionally something is inadvertently missed,” Charles explained. “In this case, we learned from consumers that ads were placed on and decided to discontinue advertising there.”

Ads for Frosted Flakes and Frosted Mini Wheats were found to be on the website through a third-party advertising software platforms. That apparently is not acceptable for them…so much so that they had to make the big announcement in the first place.

There are actually numerous companies that have boycotted the website with their ads and I think it’s a good idea to let you know what those companies are!

Allstate, Nest, EarthLink, Warby Parker and SoFi, have all boycotted according to DigiDay.

You should also know that the third-party advertising supplier has said that Breitbart violates its ‘hate speech’ policy. Really? Just when you think you’ve heard it all…liberals find a way to reach a new level of ‘stupid’

Racism? Breitbart? HAH! What a joke!

Breitbart’s Network Chief Executive Officer Larry Solov said the website: “has always and continues to condemn racism and bigotry in any form.”

The problem is, most of the complaints have all been a part of a smear campaign against Steve Bannon, who just so happens to be the Breitbart CEO that is in line to become President-elect, Donald Trump’s chief strategist, so go figure right?

However, not all companies are brainless morons. Automaker Nissan says that they will not join in on the ridiculous actions of Kelloggs, and their ads will continue to show up on the conservative website.

And as for the racism, Breitbart News Network Chief Executive Officer Larry Solov said the website Most of the complaints have been part of a smear campaign against Steve Bannon, the Breitbart CEO set to become President-elect Donald Trump’s chief strategist.

“The placement of Nissan advertising is not intended to be a political commentary and there are no plans to change the advertising mix at this time,” the company said in a statement.

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