This Is What Actual Racism Looks Like : Warning Graphic Content (VIDEO)


This happened in April of 2015 in Indianapolis, but you can bet it’s still going on. The video is very hard to watch and when you are done, you’ll be furious. It makes you feel like getting your gun. A white girl and her little brother were walking through the park there, when they were descended upon by a gang of black people. I couldn’t understand any of them, but they videoed the whole thing.

One black woman hauled off and started punching the girl in the face. She fell to the ground and the woman kept beating down on her face and head. Then she dragged her by her hair. The girl tried to protect herself, but she couldn’t. She finally got up, grabbed her brother and started to walk away. But it didn’t end there by a long shot.

From the Patriot Chronicle:

While the media continues to parrot stories about racism in society and make big deals about relatively minor incidents and talk about unconscious racism, they ignore true racist incidents. Unfortunately, our biased media only wants to highlight racism when it appears to be perpetrated by a cop or a well-meaning citizen in self-defense against a minority. The media completely ignores incidents when they do not fit the pre-existing narrative.

Real racism occurs when a group of people viciously beat and harass someone simply because of their race and because they entered the wrong neighborhood. Recently what appears to be a young girl and her brother were taking a short-cut through a public park in Indianapolis. Unfortunately, they did not have the right skin color. The two were beaten by a gang of thugs caught on a cell phone video. Although the clip went viral on social media, the mainstream media refused to cover it. If races had been reversed it would have been equally horrible and disgusting. But what would have been different is this would currently be on the cover of CNN and they would continue to cover it for months. Obama and Eric Holder would have given numerous press conferences. Obviously Sharpton would be on the scene. But since the attack doesn’t fit the liberal agenda none of that will happen.

It sounded like the girl was apologizing for something and she was scared to death. The gang kept following her like a pack of hungry wolves. As the white girl got to the parking lot, another black woman came after her again. She started beating her again and kicking her. Her little brother, who looked to be about six, started hitting at the woman. She proceeded to beat the little boy mercilessly.

After it was done, the black crowd laughed and joked about the whole monstrous event. As far as I can tell, the girl’s only crime was taking a shortcut through the park. For that, she was viciously beaten. They could have easily killed both of them. The crowd was screaming for blood and the racism and hatred was evident. This is what real racism looks like.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.