This Just Happened! Don King Said Four Little Words That Sent Liberals Into a RAGE! (VIDEO)

Let’s watch a video of Donald Trump and Don King hosting a press conference where King says four words that will trigger liberals into a sea of their own salty tears.

I love that King said “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” as held flags from various locations, suggesting world peace, and of course – peace in the middle east.

I’m wondering how the liberals and democrats will continue calling Trump a racist and bigot when he’s standing next to one of the most well known African Americans in the country. If you don’t know who Don King is, then you need to Google search that man and you’ll learn real quick.

I’m sure liberals and democrats will call this fake teamwork. Mainstream media will call it fake news. And all the whiny little babies will hand in their participation awards that are no longer valid once Trump takes office.

Don King always looks and plays the part. He’s an entertaining promoter. He’s doing what he does best, which is talk things up and get people excited and he’s always done a fairly decent job of it.

You can’t tell me that you’re not excited to see what this brave new presidency brings to America.

Even the leftist news source, CNN, reported accurately, but in doing so proves the point that Trump is NOT a bigot or racist.

Boxing legend Don King stood beside President-elect Donald Trump Wednesday to discuss the relationship between Israel and the United States.

“You all know Don King? Who doesn’t know Don King,” the President-elect asked reporters at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

“It’s just great to be an American. And now with our leader, we’re gonna … make America great again,” King replied.

King, a longtime friend of Trump’s, praised the former reality television star’s journey to the White House.

“You have to admit he shocked the world,” King said.

Did CNN just call the BLACK Don King Donald Trump’s LONGTIME FRIEND?

How can you have a longtime black friend, but still get called a racist and bigot? That proves how stupid the leftists really are.

You’re telling a guy that he’s a racist, yet he has longtime black friends! And this is why we call you libtards.

Twitter responded in Twitterly fashion, with people complaining like usual.

Of course Bill Maher has something to say about the Tale of the Two Dons. When does he not?


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