This Liberal Idiot Snowflake With Holes in Her Face Had The Nerve To Degrade This Soldier VIDEO)

This bottom feeder has a lot to learn about what the word respect means. She apparently has a problem with military wearing their uniforms in public. In fact, she not only has a problem with it, she has an entire list of reasons why it’s dumb. Her words, not mine.

This is ignorance in it’s greatest form, and it’s an ugly son of a biscuit.

She states she has no respect for soldiers, for the military, or for the government because she does not like war. All the while she walks around like a human pin pillow with caked on clumpy mascara and an opinion that she has no problem talking out of her butt on. Asha.

This is what happens to a human being when they are subjected to common core, bad parenting or lack thereof, and left to grow-up on never having to do hard things, and always giving up before they even try.

You may feel I’m being a little harsh now, but wait until you watch this video. You are about to become LIVID…not because her opinion actually matters, but because of the sheer ignorance and obvious lack of intelligence. That’s a scary thing, because we all know she isn’t the only one out there walking around with nothing good to say or do or exist for.

Here you go…prepare yourself.

Now you know that I wasn’t overreacting right?

The woman is a total lame duck disrespectful little twerp and she needs some serious help.

If only there was a way to transport her to a place that does not provide anyone or anything to protect her or her loved one…one that teaches WHY we have military and why our soldiers are heroes.

Of course there isn’t…so she will just have to walk around knowing nothing about nothing and spreading her awful opinion to others whenever she chooses to open her mouth.

Such is the life of a snowflake liberal…

Running their mouths on things they have no understanding of, which usually includes blaming everything and everyone else for their own short comings.

She does not respect our soldiers? Well that’s no surprise, from the looks of her she doesn’t even respect herself..soooo?


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