This Man DESTROYS Beyonce’s RACIST Half-Time Show, Says ‘We’d Be PISSED’ VIDEO!

via Young Cons: Pop sensation Beyonce is quickly discovering that not everyone is a big fan of her Super Bowl halftime show performance from Sunday night, as she continues to catch heat for the anti-cop, Black Panthers sentiment of the song and dance she put on.

Johnathan Gentry, a black man who is notorious for his awesome critiques of the Black Lives Matter movement, decided to weigh in on the singer’s performance, and basically said what we’ve all been thinking.

From Western Journalism:

Gentry said, “Let’s cut the crap.”

“I do know what she was doing,” Gentry said. He pointed out it was 50 years ago when the Black Panther Party was started by Heuwy Newton and Geronimo Pratt in 1966. With this being the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl, Beyoncé used the moment to call attention to the controversial group, to Black Lives Matter, and to race issues involving the police.

Gentry called it a double standard saying the black community cannot have it both ways. “There is a huge double standard that we do not acknowledge and that we do not address,” Gentry said. “You can’t tell one group (to) sit down, shut up, what you do is racist and offensive to me, put your confederate flag away … while we want to parade and shove how we feel down everyone else’s throat.”

Gentry asked how the black community would feel if another group (implied white racist group) had taken to the field to stand up for their heritage. He stated the black community would be “pissed,” calling President Obama on the phone, protesting and expressing overall outrage.

“What she did was foolish,” Gentry said. “How can you be anti-police when a hundred of them escorted you to the Super Bowl yesterday Beyonce? How does that make sense? That’s just not logical. How can you show that kind of disrespect?

“But spiritually speaking, what you’re doing is sowing seeds into the young generation that sees that. They internalize that. It was wicked. I do know what she was doing and it was wrong.”

Gentry couldn’t be more right, and I love how he is totally unafraid to take on the false narratives being promoted in our culture. This is a man who understands exactly what a post-racial society looks like.

For those who have no clue what that is, it’s a culture that no longer obsesses over race, where human beings treat other like image bearers of God rather than by the color of our skin.

Let’s hope this man’s message continues to get heard all across the country.

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