This Muslim Group Just Met With Obama… See What They Had to Say About Shariah Law


President Barack Obama’s secretive meeting Wednesday with members of the American Muslim communityhas been the subject of much speculation.

Given that no official guest list was disclosed and only a vague outline of the topics of discussion was released by the White House, rumors have been swirling around about just what the president has to hide.

Now comes news that one of the groups attending the covert White House meeting has been on record praisingShariah law in the past.

The Muslim Public Affairs Council describes itself on its Twitter feed as being a group that “improves public understanding and policies that impact American Muslims by engaging our government, media and communities.”

Unlike the president, who was unwilling to disclose anyone in attendance at the secret summit, MPAC was willing to out themselves as participants on social media (H/T Gateway Pundit):


It all seems very “Mr. Jones Goes to Washington.” That is, until you continue checking the group’s Twitter feed.


That’s right, a “‘Values of Sharia‘ Report Card.”

“Little Joey has been making real improvement in cutting off the hands of thieves. However, his stoning of women who commit adultery could really use some work.”

Lest you think that the brand of Shariah MPAC is advocating is the same that’s being practiced in the Middle East, the group released this perfectly vague non-committal statement that I’m sure cleared it all up for somebody. Or not:


In addition to MPAC, other groups independently confirmed by the press to have attended the meeting are the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, the Arab-American Institute, the Islamic Society of North America, the Universal Muslim Association of America, and the National Association of Muslim Lawyers.

Surprisingly, there’s no evidence representatives of the Council on American-Islamic Relations attended yet. However, given that the terrorist front organization has already visited 1600 Pennsylvania on a few occasions, that’s not really too much of a victory.

This is what we feared when the president and the White House refused to release the agenda and the guest list at the secret meeting.

It goes without saying that if the president is going to meet with the American Muslim community, he should forswear those who call for the implementation of Shariah in any form in the United States.

That he can’t even do that speaks volumes about our president.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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