THIS NATIVE OREGONIAN: Explains What REALLY Happened When They Dissed Obama


(via Clash Daily) by Tami jackson

A first hand report from a NATIVE Oregonian…


The first sign at the corner of Stewart and Aviation:



And ALL of us were united in our disgust that Obama planned his visit in spite of the community NOT wanting him here (to the tune of millions of taxpayer dollars)! The message to Obama was loud and clear:

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And the Second Amendment message was equally loud and clear: it is our God-given, constitutionally-protected right. No occupier of the White House can strip us of our inalienable rights!

Another recurrent theme of the signs and the sign-bearers was whole-hearted support for Second Amendment Champion, Sheriff John Hanlin. Further, I heard hundreds of folks thanking the police and state troopers who were present. Those police and troopers responded in kind, most of them thanking US for being there and standing up to the Administration and for our Second Amendment rights.

In fact, one state trooper stopped me and thanked ME for carrying! He mentioned that it sent a terrific message to other women and citizens concerning the right to bear arms.

There was an abundance of Mainstream Media present, looking for interviews with the attendees. I gave a few such interviews, although a couple entities turned me down when I answered honestly that yes, I was media. It soon became clear these so-called journalists were seeking to do the usual hit piece with their own narrative.

The very last thing Obama saw, as patriots visited cheerfully with state troopers:


Oh…one final note: in the President’s motorcade, trailing the presidential limo by a couple cars, was an SUV with the hatch wide open and Secret Service manning a Minigun. Yes, a Minigun. As if Roseburg was Palestine or Somalia.

Excuse me, Mr. President, the heinous shooting took place in a GUN-FREE ZONE. Kinda like your precious Chicago. What we really need in America is more citizens clinging to God and their guns, more citizens memorizing their Bible verses and knowing the Constitution.



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