This Obama-Supporting Welfare Queen Brags About Living Off Taxpayers Money – ‘Why Should I Work?’

Have you ever wondered what goes through a welfare recipients mind? How do they view the world… what are their priorities? A lady by the name of “Lucy” called into a local radio station in Austin, Texas. She was upset because she said that people who work think they are good people just because they work and that they think she is bad because she doesn’t work. At first I wondered if the call-in was a fake but if you listen to the very end you will be flabbergasted to get insight inside the mind of a welfare family.

She basically explains to the Morning News that she gets a lot of free money, get’s to stay home hanging out with friends and smoke weed. She said that not only isn’t there anything unethical about it, she explains that it’s the working people who are the stupid people.

Lucy is 32-yrs-old with 3 kids. She plans to be on welfare her entire life, her parents were on welfare through her childhood so she learned her lifestyle from them. But the 110,000,000 people whom Obama has encouraged and bribed to get on welfare will have more children and teach their grandchildren how to live the FREE life.

Lucy didn’t like the pious workers saying that we all have choices and that people work so they can say “look at me, I’m a good person- I work”. When asked if she felt bad about taking workers money while she lived the Life of Riley she responded, “If my money was cut off I would have to go to work. If I was in the position where I had to work, it would be a different story. If I go out and try to make $10 today, the government deducts $20 so I really can’t get off of it. I’m encouraged to stay on the program or I’m penalized if I try to go to work.”

When Lucy broke down her financial situation, it was easy to see how trapped into the welfare system she was. Lucy claimed that, each month, she gets $550 in rent subsidies, $425 for food stamps, $150 for electricity, a cell phone (roughly $50 per month for a basic plan), and $100 for water. That brings her grand total to $1300 each month from the tax-payers. That’s not including other government freebies like W.I.C. and other programs. We have a government that gives Lucy everything she needs and the government wants her vote. Then Lucy asked a very simple question, “If somebody offered you a million dollars, no strings attached, you ain’t gotta work for it. You would take it too.”

Would you take the Publishers Clearing House if they came knocking on your door or the Mega Lottery win if they called your number? Of course you would. While you and I know it’s dishonest to take something that we haven’t earned… we learned that from our parents. That’s called the Golden Rule. But what if YOU weren’t raised that way? What if you were raised to believe that you had zero chance in this world to survive on your own and that luckily you have the guv’ment there to take care of you? All you had to do was sign this, stand in this line, vote the way you’re told to ensure the benefits don’t end. And by the way… you learned that they are benefits… something owed to you just for being a citizen. It’s ALL about perspective, it’s no longer about what is right and what is wrong because millions of households aren’t teaching the old fashion Golden Rule and Ten Commandments… they’ve got new things they’re learning at home and the Public School System is re-enforcing those lessons. Check out the entire interview below…

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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