‘This One Took Me by Surprise’: Officer Finds Handwritten Note in His Mailbox — When You Think The World Can’t Get Any Worse…


From TheBlaze: Georgia police officer Chris Burns came right out and admitted, “I don’t share stories from work that often, but this one took me by surprise.”

It was nighttime, and he had spotted a car parked under a tree in an abandoned parking lot. So Burns checked it out.

“Much to my surprise, the vehicle was occupied by an elderly couple paying [sic] cards,” he wrote on the Conyers Police Department’s Facebook page on Oct. 3.

Burns said the couple told him that they had “fallen on some hard times and were just waiting on the first of the month for a check to come in the mail.” The woman in the car remarked that she would “just love a cup of coffee,” and Burns said he’d be watching out for them.

The encounter got Burns thinking about the struggles his grandparents endured, and he soon found himself stopping at an ATM and withdrawing money. He then returned to the couple and gave them $60 and his card — and told them to call if they needed anything.

Burns said he didn’t hear anything more until he arrived at police headquarters one day and found waiting for him in his mailbox a handwritten note from the couple thanking the officer for his kindness “and to pay you back.”

Enclosed was a trio of $20 bills, along with a postscript: ”She got two cups of coffee.”



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