This Patriotic Guy Has The Perfect Response To People Offended By American Flags On His Truck


As more left-wing radicals become offended by our nations flag, its a breath of fresh air to see people standing up against them.  

If you’re offended by freedom then perhaps you need to live under ISIS control where you have none, especially women and gays.  

(Western Journalism) A recurring theme among many patriotic Americans is their proud display of the U.S. flag, and they are more than happy to challenge those who are less than comfortable with the stars and stripes.

There are many scenarios where the public display of the American flag on private property was challenged. In one case, a Texas man with the U.S. flag displayed on his porch was told by his landlord to remove it because it offended and threatened his Muslim neighbors.

In another case, a U.S. military vet was fined by the H.O.A. with a hefty fee and threatened with eviction from his house when he refused to remove his small flag from a pot plant on his property.

This patriot has taken American pride to the next level and planted a large flag on the back of his/her truck. Between two stickers baring the American flag, a large sticker asks, “Does my American flag offend you? Call 1-800-Leave-The-USA.”

Truck with U.S. Flag


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