THIS Racist WalMart Employee Drops Hate Filled Rant About Police and White People over Beyonce!

We deal with crazies on the web all day long, but this woman Tanisha Mclean, from the Bronx, NY near Third & Westchester Ave. took extreme offense to us not like Beyonce’s #BlackLivesMatter Performance.  Really? So we’re racist for not supporting the #BLM movement?

We glanced quickly over her page and saw she listed her employment as Walmart and she possibly works for the City of NYC picking up trash for the Parks Dept

She took it to another level of stupidity when she began posting these rants. We asked her if she had any parting words for this article, and Tanisha replied “Yes black power n*gger”. 

We’re dealing with the epitome of class here!


We reached out to Walmart and New York City Department of Parks & Recreation to get their comment, however, they did not respond by time of publishing.



Tanisha was so proud of her comments, she had to screenshot them and post them on her personal page which you can see here

We have those images for your viewing pleasure: 

Tanisha Mclean lists Walmart as her place of current employment.





It seems Tanisha is no stranger to drama, she  even posted this to her page. Maybe social services of NY needs to pay her a visit. Now let’s talk ABOUT TRASH….










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