THIS State Just Told Sharia Muslims To Sit Down And Shut-Up…Because This is AMERICA!

via RWN: South Carolina just became one of seven states to pass a bill that permanently bans Sharia law from their courts and legal system. This is great news! I have long said that if you come to this country, you need to abide by our laws and Constitution. You need to integrate into our culture, not vice versa. The legislation was sponsored by Rep. Chip Limehouse. It emphatically bars any form of foreign law from usurping state law. The bill passed this week 68 to 42. The bill is mostly symbolic, but it does draw a line in the sand that Sharia law will not be tolerated in their state.


With Islam being the most rapidly spreading religion on the planet and nations suffering from its infiltration, South Carolina lawmakers just took bold action to preserve the American way of life in their state, and it’s safe to say that not too many Muslims are happy about it.

From Mad World News: Following the lead of seven other states, South Carolina’s House passed a bill that permanently bans Sharia law from coming anywhere near its courts, reports Breitbart. The legislation, sponsored by Rep. Chip Limehouse, prevents any type of foreign law from being used to adjudicate cases in court and prevents their enforcement by state agencies.

“A bill to amend the code of laws of South Carolina … so as to prevent a court or other enforcement authority from enforcing foreign law including, but not limited to, Sharia Law in this state from a forum outside of the United States or its territories under certain circumstances,” the legislation stated.

The bill passed on Thursday, with 68 voting in favor and 42 traitors showing their true colors. Although mostly symbolic, the legislation aims to get out in front of any efforts by Muslims to use Sharia law as a defense in both civil and criminal cases.

“Sharia Law has been used as a defense in American courtrooms,” said Limehouse. “We are working towards making that defense not an option for radical extremists from any country.”

“In South Carolina, we’ve had cases where people have tried to use [the rules of] Sharia Law as a defense, and we are speaking very clearly from the South Carolina House,” the representative added. “Shariah Law can not and will not be used as a legal defense in the state of South Carolina.”

The bill passed early in the legislative session, so it has a good chance of passing in the Senate when it gets there. The only remaining hurdle then will be Governor Nikki Haley, who may choose to veto it if she decides to do so. Considering how Progressive Haley is, she just might do it. Breitbart had this to say: “Underground sharia courts operate in Muslim communities throughout Europe and also in the United States. Last year, Breitbart Texas reported that a “voluntary” sharia court had already been established in Texas. Several countries in Europe, including the United Kingdom, France, and Germany, have many underground sharia courts within migrant communities. In the U.K, the government has formally deputized at least one sharia court to decide non-criminal issues among people who agree to use the court, even as public concerns rise that immigrant women are socially pressured to accept the courts’ authority.” Sharia law must not be allowed to get its tentacles wrapped around our legal system. It is up to the states to stop it. Seven states is a good start. I hope the rest follow suit.

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