This U.S. State Is Handing Out Welfare IN ARABIC… Do You Live There?


For English Press 1… how many more languages will we be adding to our systems? Why wont these people learn the native language?

We cant go to Mexico and force them to learn English, and if we did they would think we were crazy, so why do we allow it here? It’s segregating our nation.

From Conservative TribuneThe state of Michigan has been very Muslim friendly for some time now. A city in Michigan was even rumored to be the first to adopt Shariah law in the United States.

Though that turned out to be untrue, the fact that so many people would believe it of a Michigan city gives you some idea about how the state bows down to radical Islam.

In the city of Dearborn, Christians were arrested when they attempted to distribute Christian literature outside of a Muslim gathering. This religious persecution happened on American soil, not in some far off foreign land.

Michigan is so friendly to Muslims that the state now offers welfare forms in Arabic.

Muslim men are allowed to have as many as four wives under Shariah law. So when these men immigrate to America, they often bring multiple wives with them.

In Michigan, where polygamy is still illegal (like in the rest of the United States), a Muslim man could allegedly claim one of his wives on the welfare form and list the rest as extended family.

When President Barack Obama took office, the government paid for a large number of Palestinians to immigrate to the United States. Many of them are likely to have settled in Michigan, which now has the highest concentration of Muslims in the United States.

Even the state’s public assistance office phone line has a language option for Arabic. You can see for yourself by calling 1 (888) 678-8914 (H/T GOP The Daily Dose).

Keep in mind that to provide this new language option, new people must be hired who speak both languages fluently. So more tax dollars were spent to provide easier access for Arabic Muslims to spend even more tax dollars through welfare.

With such an influx of Muslim immigrants, and Obama’s amnesty executive order, it is only a matter of time before members of the Islamic State group find their way into the United States.

And apparently Michigan will gladly put them on welfare while they are here.


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