This Veteran Noticed An Insulting Note On His Car, His Response? BRUTAL!


As Reported By Q Political: Today is another day in America, which means that once again we have an example of some idiot disrespecting those in the armed forces.

When a veteran returned to his parked car he saw a note on the front, but it wasn’t a very nice one. The brave social justice warrior didn’t leave a name, but he did tell the veteran that he doesn’t “look handicapped” enough to use the disabled parking spot.

The veteran responds to the letter, opening with “Dear Passive-Aggressive Douche,” and continues to ream into the bonehead.

You have to read this for yourself:

As hilarious as this was, the fact of the matter is that too often we see those who defend our country receive the poorest of treatment. The man who wrote that letter to this veteran probably isn’t even worthy of licking that soldier’s boots.

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