This Woman Has Been on Welfare for 12 Years… Here’s What She Had to Say About Getting a Job [VIDEO]


It has been said by some that there is an entitlement mentality that is taking over America, and more and more that appears to be true.

There is a YouTube video that was posted some time back featuring a young woman named Kiara in Baltimore who totally exemplifies the entitlement mentality.

Kiara, who is 30 years old and has four children, has been on welfare for the past 12 years, since she was 18.

Even still, she sports a trendy bag (possibly a knock-off, maybe not), a cell phone (Obamaphone?), “bling” in the form of rings and earrings, and numerous tattoos, all of which cost money, and can’t be bought with welfare money, unless one engages in welfare fraud.

She has lived in public housing most of the time, although she admits she was kicked out at one point for fighting with her boyfriend.

She readily admits that she is not employed, and says that she is comfortable with that.  She feels that she has no reason to get a job because she gets a check from the government every month.

Kiara says that she receives $780 in food stamps, $500 in TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), and also is enrolled in Medicaid and WIC.

Kiara is not alone in her abuse of the welfare system, as there are welfare moms with lots of kids who milk the system all across the country, all the while blaming society for their problems, while taking advantage of the safety net provided by said society.

Obviously, some people need welfare assistance.  However, those who are truly in need tend to only use welfare on a temporary basis, as they strive for gainful employment which will provide for their needs better than welfare can.

Certainly nobody is going to get rich off of abusing the welfare system, but some people can definitely live comfortably, albeit at something only slightly above a minimum level of subsistence.

Yet the payouts for welfare abusers are roughly comparable to minimum wage, entry-level jobs. This discourages people from getting jobs in the first place and working hard to get ahead, as it is much easier to just lazily draw government benefits to survive.

Thankfully, not everyone in America has been taken captive by the entitlement mentality, and some people still work hard to earn their money and live their lives.  These kinds of people are also instilling in their children the proper mindset of gratitude, and the understanding that the world owes them absolutely nothing.

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