THIS Wounded Warrior B*TCH Slaps Meryl Streep About What Bravery Really Looks Like.

Iraq War veteran J.R. Salzman has some thoughts on Meryl Streep vomiting all over stage at the Golden Globe Awards against President-elect Donald Trump. And he’s not calling her brave. This is a warrior who lost his arm in an EFP attack in Iraq. It hasn’t slowed him down in the least. When the blast hit J.R., it severed his right arm below the elbow and crushed his left hand. He was also the victim of a traumatic brain injury. He is allergic to morphine, so he had to get to a field hospital before they could give him anything for the pain. Normal people would have died from the shock… this guy is one tough SOB.

Salzman responded to the lovefest over Streep with a before and after photo and the quote: “I too hope to one day be as courageous and selfless as Meryl Streep.” Ouch… and oh, so true. Nice smackdown of a hypocritical Hollywood elitist. Salzman received his injuries ten years ago. While Streep was making horrid, crappy movies, this guy was giving everything he had for his country. He wasn’t applauding child rapists like Roman Polanski or raising money for the butchers of Planned Parenthood.

From GOP The Daily Dose:

Meryl Streep’s rant on stage at the Golden Globes was a favorite moment for the star-studded Hollywood crowd. Following her speech, celebrities heaped praise on the actress.

Movie producer Judd Apatow even went as far to say that, “We will need a lot of people as clear and brave as Meryl Streep if we are to fight the corruption, bad ideas, and lies of Donald Trump.”

Calling Streep “brave” for ranting at an award show didn’t sit well with Iraq War veteran J.R. Salzman.

Salzman lost his arm in an EFP attack in Iraq. An EFP is a device that is designed to penetrate armor, and it’s a vicious weapon-of-war.


Salzman’s website explains what happened to him:

His right arm was severed below the elbow and his left hand was pulverized by the blast. He also suffered a traumatic brain injury. As he is allergic to morphine, he was transported to a field hospital before any anesthetic was given.

Yep, while Streep was making The Devil Wears Prada, Salzman was learning to live with just one arm after fighting sand demons. What she did wasn’t brave… it was political grandstanding and it was smearing a man who will be our President in nine days. Shame on her.

She called out Trump for making fun of a handicapped reporter. Trump says that’s not what he was doing. Streep is a huge supporter of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama… did you ever hear her even once bring up any of the scandals and crimes they are guilty of? Nope. Because she approves of their actions. She rails against Trump simply because he is a Republican and not a communist. Brave? She’s pathetic, just ask a real warrior like Salzman.







A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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