THOUSANDS of Police Turn Their Backs on NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio [PICS + VIDEO]


On Saturday, one of the two assassinated NYPD officers, Rafael Ramos, was laid to rest, celebrated and honored by tens of thousands of his brothers and sisters in blue.

The funeral for Ramos was also attended by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, despite the clear message sent to the mayor by the NYPD, that he wasn’t welcome at their funerals, due to his recent support for the protestors and anti-police rhetoric.

De Blasio still attended though, and addressed the crowd along with Vice President Joe Biden.  However, when de Blasio took the stage to speak, the thousands of NYPD officers in attendance sent a stark message to the mayor, as they turned 180 degrees, and presented their backs to the mayor. (H/T BizPacReview)

Twitter exploded with pictures and messages, from both supporters of the NYPD’s statement to the mayor, as well as those who think the cops went too far, implying that they were disrespectful of the mayor.

It should be remembered that numerous NYPD officers had turned their back on the mayor the day of the shooting of their two colleagues, when the mayor showed up at the hospital to address the tragic situation.

But the officers have made it quite clear that they feel betrayed by the mayor, based on a number of statements he has made previously against them, even before the last few months of anti-police protests, which de Blasio has openly expressed his support for.Police officers turn their backs as New York City Mayor

While there may be some measure of disrespect for the mayor evident in the NYPD’s actions, that disrespect has been earned by the mayor, and is a result of his own actions and words.  If the mayor doesn’t want the NYPD turning their backs on him anymore, then he needs to go above and beyond to signify to them that he supports them, and will cover their backs, not stab them in it.

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