Thousands Rally In D.C. For #MillionManMarch #JusticeOrElse, Headlined By Louis Farrakhan, Chant, “Down, Down USA!”


(Weasel Zippers) Thousands Rally In D.C. For #MillionManMarch #JusticeOrElse, Headlined By Louis Farrakhan, Chant, “Down, Down USA!”

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There were many rappers who came out, such as P.Diddy, JCole and Common, so that might have hyped the number a bit. But still troubling that this many people people would come out with lead organizer being Louis Farrakhan.

The name of the march was #JusticeOrElse, the ‘or else’ left to hang in the air. One speaker, Tory Russell, of Hands Up United, said the ‘or else’ was Ferguson, clearly implying rioting/looting would result, if they did not get what they considered ‘justice’. The very name of his group was based on a lie, the lie of ‘hands up’ by Michael Brown.

Louis Farrkhan and his crew of crazies played a prominent organizing role, no one apparently having a problem with his anti-white, anti-Jewish history. Farrakhan called for black people to replace police and run their own schools.

“We are going to expose all you rogue policemen,” Farrakhan said, appealing for “10,000 fearless black men” to provide security in black communities.

“We have got brilliant educators” in black communities, he said, arguing that blacks should run their own schools. “We don’t need to accept this poison doctrine of white supremacy any longer.”

He added: “We need a ministry of defense, we need a ministry of justice,” and urged blacks to not participate in a system that would “make merchandise of us and make a mockery of us.”

Rev. Jeremiah Wright, he of 20 years speaking before Barack Obama, also showed to speak on behalf of Palestine.

Obama was conveniently out of the area today.

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Update: this picture was from 1995, not from yesterday’s march. While there were not a million even in 1995, there were far more then than there were yesterday. But many are spreading this picture as though it were a current picture.
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