THREAT: High School Basketball Star Is Actually 29-Year-Old Refugee, Authorities Say

A budding high school basketball star is actually a 29-year-old refugee from South Sudan, according to Canadian authorities.

On Thursday, Canadian border services suggested that Jonathan Nicola misrepresented material facts on his application for a study permit to Canada, submitting an application with a date of birth of Nov. 25, 1998 – which would make him 17.

Since arriving in Canada six months ago, Nicola attended Catholic Central High School in Windsor, Ontario, as a grade 11 student.

At six-foot-nine, 200-pounds, Nicola quickly became the star player on the senior boys basketball team.

He was even living with head coach Pete Cusumano through a program called Canada Homestay, which finds homes for foreign students.

At Nicola’s first hearing with the immigration and refugee board on Wednesday, it was decided he was a flight risk and should remain in custody. Another hearing is scheduled for early next week.

Watch the “Fox and Friends First” report above and see Nicola’s suspiciously impressive recruiting tape below.

Via Fox News

While Nicola’s case is a stunning one, it is certainly not the first of an older athlete masquerading as a teenager to continue competing in high school athletics. Notably, in 2009, 21-year-old Haitian immigrant Guerdwich Montimere claimed to be a 17-year-old named Jerry Joseph to maintain eligibility and compete in high school basketball for Odessa Permian in Texas. He was later sentenced to three years in prison in connection with charges of identity theft and sexual assault, the latter charge related to a relationship he developed with a 15-year-old fellow student while on campus.

Nicola remains in custody at the South West Detention Centre awaiting further hearings on his immigration status.

Via Detroit Free Press

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