(From Mad World News) Every so often we hear a story about a server getting a horrible tip despite the fact they provided good service to their customers, but this one really takes it too far.

A 17-year-old in Muncie, Indiana has been charged with battery with bodily waste after he allegedly left his server a crappy $2 tip… literally. The bills were covered in fecal matter, according to TheBigLead.com.

Sunday afternoon, the teen and some of his football player buddies went to Brothers Bar & Grill for lunch. After the waitress left the bill at the table, the teen emerged from the bathroom and placed the bills inside the black folder used at most restaurants.

According to police, the waitress saw the teen start laughing as she picked up the folder and smelled a “foul odor.” She told police that the bills were covered in a brown substance, which she later realized to be fecal matter.

Ball State Daily reports that the police were then called to the restaurant and arrested the teen. After processing at the Delaware County Juvenile Probation Center, he was released to a guardian but his name has been withheld because he’s a minor.

The three football players the teen was with all attend Ball State University, and are defensive back Darius Conaway, defensive lineman Kennan Noel and linebacker Nicholas Isaacs.

Three Football Players Left Their Waitress ‘Sh*t’ For A Tip, One Got Arrested

The incident prompted the athletic director for the university to release a statement, distancing themselves from the grotesque act.

“We…find the alleged actions deplorable. We are continuing to collect information on the matter and will refrain from further judgment until then,” he said.

With any kind of luck, the little punk will get what he has coming to him. What an absolutely disgusting thing to do to someone, especially someone who just spent the afternoon serving your idiot self.

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