The Three People Joan Rivers ‘Banned’ From Her Funeral — One of Them Lives in the White House


Joan Rivers was an excellent judge of character, and it appears she’s getting her last laugh in from the grave as this report just bombed the White House.

I’m not sure which is more damaging, the point that Rivers makes about not allowing her to come to her funeral or the the fact she refers to the First Lady as a “tranny”

Reported from TheBlaze:

Comedian Joan Rivers reportedly “banned” three well-known people from her funeral before she died, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

The first person she specified as unwelcome at her funeral was First Lady Michelle Obama. Rivers had previously referred to the first lady as a “tranny.” The other two blacklisted by the late comedian were pop singer Adele and former talk show host Chelsea Handler.

(AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

Rivers apparently revealed the list of people she wanted kept away from her funeral in an interview with The Sunday Times Magazine just weeks before she died. She had nothing nice to say about any of them, calling Adele “fat” and Handler a “drunk.”

Rivers’ funeral, held on Sunday, was attended by stars like actor Hugh Jackman, Whoopi Goldberg, Kelly Osbourne, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

In the same interview with Sunday Times Magazine, Rivers talked about helping her daughter come to grips with the fact that she would ultimately die.

“Melissa says, ‘I don’t want to hear about it, I don’t want to talk about it’, but I say it’s coming. It’s inevitable. It’s no longer an abstract thing. It’s like, God, I’m in my eighties,” she said. “Nobody, when I die, is going to say, ‘How young?’ They’re going to say, ‘She had a great ride.’”

Rivers passed away on Thursday after suffering cardiac arrest during a routine throat procedure

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