Teen THUG Acts REALLY REALLY TOUGH In Court … That Is Until He Discovers His FATE! (VIDEO)


19-year-old Dexter Johnson was a thug who committed murder, he has no respect for human beings or the criminal justice system. He murdered Maria Aparece after he and his five friends carjacked her car and Aparece’s boyfriend, Hyu Ngo. They used a shotgun to threaten the two victims and proceeded to drive them to ATMs demanding a large amount of money. This one little thug wasn’t too tough when he was sentenced, though.

Johnson raped Aparece and forced Ngo to listen while he did it. Afterwards, the couple were taken into the woods and shot dead in the head. In court Johnson showed absolutely no remorse as he consistently mouthed off with insolence in court.

However, he was sentenced to death for his crimes and he then had a temper tantrum in court when he realized the reality of the situation. A video posted online shows him throwing chairs in court as law enforcement officers tried to tackle and stop him.

Watch the video here…


As the video goes on people in the audience can be seen nodding their head in acceptance. While Johnson appears to get more and more emotional as the judge continues the sentencing. At one point he appears to start crying. The weight of his crimes seems to finally hit him. Then screaming can be heard and several police officers run for the convict as he begins to explode. As he is escorted outside he can be heard wailing and then his family asks for an ambulance.

If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. I am not sure of anyone who will have any sort of sympathy for this animal. Hopefully he continues to rot behind bars until his day of reckoning comes. Hopefully it comes sooner rather than later.

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