Thug Opens Fire And Drives Over Ambulance Crew Assisting Victim He Just Shot (VIDEO)

Terrell Walker, a crazed madman murdered his girlfriend, then tried to KILL anyone and everyone who tried to help her.

Walker shot his 30-year old girlfriend, April Peck, numerous time, threw her out of his car then drove away. Before the medical team arrived to help her, the critically injured woman had several bystanders and luckily one of them was a local physician and another a 17-year old EMT trainee.

The problem was Walker returned when the ambulance arrived and upon his arrival he aimed and drove right into the crowd of first responders helping his girlfriend. he ran over the 17-year old EMT trainee and the doctor who had stopped to help her first. Then in another attack, he shot the 17-year old.

That’s not all…

He made a return after that hit and crashed right into the ambulance shouting… “If you help her, I’m going to kill you.” before he taking off on foot and making his getaway.

Two deputies confronted Walker and demanded that he show his hands. Of course, as we can already figure, Walker is not a logical man, and he drew his weapon and fired on the police officers, shooting several rounds.

The officers returned fire and struck Walker. Once hit Walker ran into a wooded area where he ended up being apprehended. Walker died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, thankfully the police officers were not injured., South Georgia News, Weather, Sports

His live-in girlfriend who he had shot several times then tossed out of his vehicle also died later that night from her gunshot wounds.

April Peck was Walker’s live-in girlfriend and it is unclear what led up to the shooting. She died from her gunshot wounds. Despite the brave 17-year-old named Daniel Wesley, who is a EMT trainee being shot two times, and suffering multiple broken bones from being struck by the vehicle, thankfully he will survive.

Here is a little bit of what he had said when he was well enough to interview:

Wesley came face to face with Walker and lived to talk about it. Wesley said he had just stumbled upon April Peck’s lifeless body when he was leaving the mall. He was heading home and was driving down Essen Lane when he made the discovery. Wesley comes from a family of first responders and is currently in a first responder class at Central High School.

“I was thinking I had to stay alive, Wesley said. “I wasn’t going to die. It was just one of those intuition feelings.”

Wesley has undergone two surgeries to repair broken bones and gunshot wounds. While we were there, he was having a blood transfusion after losing so much blood.

Wesley’s heroism caught the attention of Governor John Bel Edwards and his wife Donna. They paid him a visit today.

“He was like you’re a hero to everybody and you’ve influenced so many people,” Wesley recalled the Governor telling him. “He told me not to give up on being an EMT, and I said that might be out of the question but the medical field, that’s definitely not.”

This is a tragic story, but also a story about some real brave heroes. A doctor and a 17-year old boy.

Even with this world growing more and more dangerous with people like Walker and their heinous crimes, it is good to know that Good Samaritans still exist out there.

God Bless our heroes.

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