Killer Thug Ambushes Lone Cop, Immediately Regrets It When He Looks Over His Shoulder

We’re all aware of the old saying “there’s nothing that stops a bad guy with a gun except for a good guy with a gun.” You’d think in light of that, bad guys with guns would make an effort not to attack those they know are good guys with a gun, like the police. Or at least you’d know not to bring a knife to a gunfight.

But that wasn’t the case for one less-than-intelligent criminal. Grand Prairie Police had tried to stop a man on a traffic stop, but he then led them to a cul-de-sac where he jumped out of the car and assumed a shooting stance.

Then things went south for him.

As TellMeNow reported:

Quick recognition from the officer helped him realize the man was holding a knife and a flashlight, not a firearm. The man appeared to be enticing the officer to shoot him, but the dog was released instead.

As you can see in the high intensity video below, the dog had the man down immediately.

Watch below:

According to CBS Local, Grand Prairie had one officer involved shooting last year in 2016. Officer Payne said he felt threatened, but the incident took on a slower pace in his mind after realizing the suspect didn’t have a firearm. “Even though I would have been justified, it would’ve been heavy on my heart having to shoot somebody that didn’t have a weapon.”

Grand Prairie police say they believe deadly force could have been used in this incident, but thanks to the responding officers high level of training and awareness, they were able to determine that wasn’t necessary in this case.

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