Thug Arrested After Posting Video Of Himself Knocking White Woman Unconscious (VIDEO)


(Weasel Zippers)

Via American Mirror:

Atlantic City career criminal Ibn Hunter is a real class act.

Hunter, 25, was arrested Monday after an unprovoked attack on a homeless woman in Atlantic City’s Brown Park over the weekend that was recorded and posted to Facebook, the Press of Atlantic City reports.

Police identified Hunter from the video after someone shared a link with the Press of Atlantic City, which passed it on to authorities. In the video, posted Saturday by user Bdsb BroadDay, Hunter in standing in front of the 45-year-old victim and asks her: “I ain’t gonna do what? I ain’t gonna grab you? I ain’t gonna do what?”

A voice off camera chimes in: “She said you ain’t gonna smack her, dog.”

Hunter then stares into the camera, cocks back his right fist, and decks the unidentified, seated woman with a haymaker to her face.

“Bing!” the cameraman yells as the woman falls backward onto the pavement, unconscious.

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