OUCH! Thug Breaks Into Woman’s Home And Sexually Assaults Her… Then He Feels Something SNAP Off

An African American man was caught breaking into a house in South Carolina when he tried to sexually assault the woman inside the home. But things did not quite go according to plan. The woman bit off his tongue!

The attack happened early on Friday morning in the North Charleston area of South Carolina. The woman had heard a knock at the door and when she went to answer it no one was there so she went back to bed.

She heard yet another knock but once again nobody was there. She returned to bed once again. However, the second time around the victim went outside onto her porch to figure out what was going on and saw the man standing their while holding a knife. The knife allegedly had a white handle and was being held against the mans chest.

The victim told police that she screamed no and then ran back into her home but the assailant was able to force himself inside and then went on to tackle the woman and punch her in the face continuously.

He carried the woman to her room to try and rape her but the victim kicked him in the genital area to which the suspect responded, “NOW YOU HAVE TO DIE!” When he tried forcing his tongue down her throat she bit it as hard as she could and it fell off! She was able to run to her car and escape after spitting the bitten tongue out onto the floor.

The suspect was Antoine Miller and he was arrested shortly later at the Waffle House when his mother called 911 because she was worried about his bitten tongue. Now, he is being charged with criminal sexual conduct, assault, burglary and possession of a weapon during a violent crime and kidnapping.

The man is sixteen but he is being charged and tried as an adult. Perhaps being armed with a firearm is a much safer and less disgusting way to protect oneself better in situations such as these.

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