VIDEO: Thug Brutally Assaults White Boy – Gets CRUSHING News From DA

This video will make your blood boil. I don’t know where this took place. It is from last summer. A 16 year-old black thug is seen showing off for a video with his new brass knuckles as he flips off the camera. Then he walks up to a white 12 year-old kid and seemingly for no reason, slams him in the face. As the boy falls to the ground, the dirt bag punches him over and over with the brass knuckles until a girl pulls him off the kid. Now, the young thug is going to get treated like an adult and face consequences.

When the boy came around, he thought he had gravel in his mouth. No… that was the remnants of his teeth he was tasting. His parents took him to the police to fill out an affidavit against the punk. The boy had a bruised eye, a big cut on his neck and a large hole in his neck that probably required stitches. I assume they will have to replace his teeth as well. That punk’s family should have to pay for all of that and more over this.

From US Herald:

This horrifying video has gone viral after its recent release on LiveLeak. The video itself is so controversial that it even comes with an “anger warning” for the viewers. It would seem that this brass-knuckle-wielding thug completely unprovoked unleashed a brutal assault on an unsuspecting white 12-year-old. The video itself has gotten a lot of attention and many people are completely outraged by the delinquent punk.

The video starts out with the bratty thug wannabe smiling at the camera and showing off his brutal weapon. The wanna be thug is 16 years old and for reasons unknown decided to target an innocent white 12-year-old.

Apparently the two had been involved in some sort of argument or dispute before and this smug punk chose to deal with the argument in typical thug fashion. With a sucker punch to the head.

Evidently, the two boys had some type of argument before this happened. The thug figured this was the way to resolve it and that it would make him look macho to the girls there.

The police did not take this attack lightly. After reviewing the video and speaking with his parents, the police consulted the District Attorney over the beating. The DA has decided to charge the punk, Kane Millsaps, as an adult. He’s facing first-degree battery charges as well as possession of the brass knuckles – both felony charges. If convicted, Millsaps could get up to 20 years in prison for this. He deserves it over this. No sympathy whatsoever for this scum. He could have killed that kid easily.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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