Thug Bully Corners White Girl At School, Wants To Do More Than Hold Hands (VIDEO)


From Mad World: This Video is going viral after a black bully decided to corner a white girl on a playground while in the company of her cohorts. Unfortunately, what happened next not only has the clip spreading across the Internet like wildfire, but has a great many people outraged.

The incident reportedly contained a few 7th graders who were sitting around talking when the topic of Frozen (yes, the animated film) came up. During that time, apparently the black girl became rather enraged that a white girl with them looked more like Elsa – the main character from the film – than she did.

For some reason, unbeknownst to the public at this point, this somehow evolved into a physical confrontation with the black girl targeting the white girl. At several points throughout the clip, the victim could be heard saying things like, “I’m not going to fight you,” but that didn’t stop the bully from attacking.

Before long, the attacker could be seen pulling the white girl’s hair, punching her in the face, and even kicking her. At one point, the bully even began dragging her victim by the hair across the ground before assaulting her even more.

As one would imagine, the video has resulted in its fair share of outrage with many people hoping something is done to teach the bully a lesson. With some saying that the police need to be called, others simply suggest her parents need to teach this girl what being bullied feels like.

There’s no room for bullies in this world, but it is a time old occurrence that shows no signs of stopping. Maybe, instead of trying to prevent bullying and wearing pink ribbons to raise awareness, it’s time to teach children how to stand up for themselves and others.

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