THUG Claims Cop Racially Profiled Him, Then Came The Dash Cam Video…


via TheBlaze: A Georgia man claims Pickens County sheriff’s deputies racially profiled him and his brothers during a traffic stop that took place in November, 2014. The dashcam video was just recently released, according to WGCL-TV.

CBS46 News

Deputies pulled over a car that was allegedly speeding. In the car were five Hispanic men.

The driver provided a fake name and failed to provide deputies with a driver’s license. A deputy began to put him in handcuffs, but he is seen clearly resisting arrest. The deputy used physical force to subdue him.

Another man is seen exiting the truck, and wanders outside of the frame of the camera. When he returns, he is also placed under arrest. A deputy yells at the man for allegedly jumping on his back, and threatens to “kill” him if he does it again.

A third man also resists arrest, and a deputy uses force to subdue him.

A taser is heard but not seen in the footage.

The driver admitted to CBS46 that he resisted arrest, but said the way his brothers were treated was “out of line” through a translator.

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