Feral Thug Shoots Cop In Head Gets NASTY Surprise He Never Saw Coming (VIDEO)

Over the past few years their has been a notable and undeniable rise in anti law enforcement sentiment. Many on the left connect this to the rise in shootings of African American men by police officers. Irregardless, police officers have been in an increasing level of danger because of this. The countless deaths of law enforcement officers shows this. Here is a video of a shootout with a suspect where one police was viciously attacked showing just what they are dealing with every day on the streets.

Watch here.

The video shows several police officers with their weapons in the middle of a shootout. The video was taken via the body cams police officers use. As the video progresses their are injured bodies on the ground who are bleeding. One of which is a suspect. Shortly after a police officer who was shot can be seen on the ground holding the gunshot wound near his shoulder.

A fellow police officer is watching over him while help is on the way. He holds his firearm to ensure no suspect comes towards them. Two good Samaritans come in running to help hold the wound up to make sure he does not lose too much blood. A few minutes later ambulance sirens can be heard and another police squad car comes speeding up.

Two police officers ran out of the car and pick up their fallen police officer and place him in the car to help him to the emergency room and ambulance faster. These police officers are heroes. Their is no question about it. This danger and aggression from the public is something they have to deal with every day.

As Sheriff David Clarke has said, it is pitchfork time the way people are behaving. People have lost respect for the law and by extension law enforcement.

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