WATCH: Mouthy Thug Starts Tough Talking A Cop, Finds Out Fast That Pistols Don’t Taste Too Great

I have so much respect for law enforcement and all they do to protect the citizens in this country. These men and women get little thanks for their sacrifices, but maybe they just need to watch this video to change their tune.

One officer in Bradenton, Florida responded to a burglary in progress at a jewelry store. When police Lieutenant William Weldon arrived, he discovered a broken window and Isaac Dubon inside.

The video shows the lieutenant approach the thug in an attempt to arrest him. Dubon appears to not be aggressive which causes the lieutenant to holster his weapon. Oh, not so fast though, this thug decides he wants to fight this one out at the last moment.

Dubon then attacks the Lieutenant and for close two minutes these two wrestle it out. During the brutal fight, Dubon gouges Lieutenant Weldon’s eyes, puts him in a headlock and reaches for his weapon. Throughout this entire battle, Weldon does not give up and finally is able to break free from Dubon’s grasp.

At this point, Weldon had every right to use his weapon to stop this threat, but instead, he chose something else. When Dubon began to advance towards Weldon again the Lieutenant pistol-whipped the suspect.

Dubon is knocked cold, and Lt. Weldon is finally able to catch his breath.

Watch the fight here.

Here’s another view.

This is one hell of a fight, and Lt. Weldon handled it epically. This thug had no idea who he was messing with and I am sure will think twice before engaging with a police officer again.

He deserved to be smacked down the way he was, and hopefully, he stays behind bars for a long time. This Lieutenant is a hero and pretty damn awesome in my opinion. I don’t know if I could have held the same restraint that he did.

H/T [ Blue Lives Matter ]

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