THUG FAMILY: Find Homeless Veteran, Teach Him Horrifying “Lesson” in Front of Children (VIDEO)


via Conservative Tribune: In a shocking case out of Philadelphia, three African-American women stood accused of beating a homeless man to death because one of their sons falsely accused the man of hitting him.

Aleathea Gillard, 34, Shareena Joachim, 24, and Kaisha Duggins, 24, will go before a judge this week on murder charges Wednesday after a savage beating of Robert Barnes, a white homeless man who pumped gas for tips at a local Sunoco, in April. Barnes died Nov. 25 after being in a coma since the beating.

According to The Daily Beast, the incident began with a lie by Gillard’s 10-year-old son, who competed with Barnes for tips at the Sunoco station in the North Philadelphia neighborhood of Olney. After arriving home late, Gillard’s son concocted a lie that he was late because he had been hit by Barnes.

As it turned out, the boy had actually sustained some minor injuries when he fell off of his bike earlier in the day.

The three women — in addition to three children, ages 12, 13 and 14 — went to the Sunoco station with, among other implements, a hammer and a chair leg. Two of those children, the 12- and 14-year-olds, were Gillard’s children as well.

They would beat the 51-year-old Barnes so severely that he lapsed into a coma after the assault.

Footage of the asault:

Diane Barnes, Robert’s sister, found out about the attack when their stepbrother — a Philadelphia cop — called her and alerted her to the attack.

“He told the ambulance driver that he was just jumped by five black girls and beat with a hammer, so he knew what happened to him,” Barnes said. “And then when he was brought to the hospital that’s when he fell unconscious from bleeding on the brain.

“At that time they raced him into surgery and removed a great portion of his skull to alleviate the pressure, and of course when I went in to see him, I just lost it,” she added.

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