Thug Family Get MASSIVE Dose Of Justice After Ganging Up On Texas Cop; Of Course It’s Now Racist…(VIDEO)

Here’s a story that is going to bring up a lot of questions on both sides and possibly even confusion. Fort Worth Police are currently investigating how an officer handled a situation that resulted in an arrest of a mother and her two daughters after they had phoned in a call for assistance. The video is at the bottom of the article.

When the officer arrived on the scene the Mother reported that a white bearded man had physically attacked her 7-year old son when he put his hands around the boys neck to choke him. The entire exchange for the most part was recorded on Facebook live by the woman’s daughters. By that same evening it had already been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

Which is to be expected in Obama’s America.

The story goes that the man witnessed her son littering and that is what made him upset and he told the boy to pick up the piece of litter. This exchange of course was NOT caught on camera. When he had told the boy to pick up the piece of litter it was reported that the boy responded disrespectfully.

This is the transcript of the verbal exchange between the Mother and Police Officer:

“My son is 7 years old. You don’t have the right to grab him, choke him for no paper that he threw. What you should have done because we have been living here for years so you know my house is a door in between yours. So you could have came to me. You don’t put your hands on my son,” Craig tells the officer.

“Why don’t you teach your son not to litter?” the officer replies.

“He can’t prove to me that my son littered. But it doesn’t matter if he did or didn’t. He didn’t have to put his hands on him,” Craig says.

“Why not?” the officer asks.

This is when the confrontation escalated.

The Mother, Craig at this point gets even more upset, and allows herself to believe the Officer was questioning her ability to raise her children, at which point the officer threatens he will arrest her if she does not calm down, as she is yelling at him.

Which is right. If someone is acting a fool and losing their shit on a Police Officer they have become a threat. All because she does not agree with his words? They are words…and she responds with a threatening reaction. She is in the wrong.

At this point, Craig does NOT calm down and continues to yell at the Officer, and that’s when things go really wrong. Craig’s daughter steps between the two of them because her Mother needs to be pushed away.

If she knew her Mother needed to be pushed away, then that’s a big sign that it was already too late, her Mother had assaulted a Police Officer.

The Police Officer at this point takes Craig to the ground and handcuffs her.

Craig and others are heard in the background cursing at the officer and warning him that they were recording his arrest.

Craig apparently had outstanding warrants for traffic violations in Irving, She was held at the Mansfield jail for those charges, as well as charges of resisting arrest and failing to identify as a fugitive. Her bond was set at $5,901.90.

Her 19-year-old daughter, Brea Hymond, was also jailed for resisting arrest and interfering with public duties.

Both Craig and Hymond were released from jail on Thursday afternoon.

The third person arrested is a juvenile. She was released with misdemeanor charges.

This is what an attorney for the family stated:

“First we would like to see the official report regarding the initial assault. Obviously, we want to see that officer removed from the force, fired and prosecuted. We want to see the original person tried and prosecuted,”

All nonsense aside and looking at the situation logically and without prejudice.

Mother calls Police Officer for help. Police Officer uses words to express himself just as Mother was. Mother loses control and becomes a threat. Police Officer arrests her.

I know it’s hard to see things plainly as clearly when emotions and ‘feelings’ get involved but that is what happened when you strip that all away. In this case, it would seem the Police Officer was in fact in the right.

There was no proof that the man with a beard choked her Son, and that situation could have been remedied without the drama had she kept her cool.

Personally, and this is just my opinion….

I find it really odd that the exchange between the Mother and the Police Officer were filmed, but the actual incident wasn’t.


Just saying.

From the Police Department:

“We acknowledge that the initial appearance of the video may raise serious questions. We ask that our investigators are given the time and opportunity to thoroughly examine this incident and to submit their findings. This process may take time, but the integrity of the investigation rests upon the ability of the investigators to document facts and to accurately evaluate the size and scope of what transpired. We ask our community for patience and calm during this investigation process,” police said.

At the end of the day, what we have here is a Mother who paved the way for her daughters to be jailed, and instill in them a hatred for Police Officers. The cycle never ends.

Here’s the video.

Fox 4 News Dallas-Fort Worth did an exclusive on the story and they found that the video had possibly been edited, with certain parts cut out.

Here’s their coverage.

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