Thug Picks A Fight With Marine, Seconds Later He’s Whimpering For His Mommy


It’s seldom a good idea to pick a fight with a Marine. Someone managed to give it a try however, and it ended about just as well as you’d expect.

A student uploaded a video clip of a group of Black students taunting and making fun of a White Marine Junior ROTC cadet after class in a Florida high school. The video has appeared on both Liveleak and YouTube.

The uploader started filming after he said one student,  “Tyrone” was taunting the unnamed cadet, calling him a gay slur and “fat cracker,” while daring him to fight.

It was not a well thought out plan. Did he think they only teach those boys to shoot? Well, they teach you a bit more than that, and toughen you up quite a bit.

Tyrone found out, and it took a matter of seconds before he realized that mistake. No, really – the fight didn’t go on for longer than seconds.

The video (obtained via Patriot Nation) is posted below:

Instant Karma is always satisfying, isn’t it?

Even if the man in question wasn’t a member of our armed forces, you’d think picking on someone twice your size isn’t exactly a good idea.

Think he’ll be picking any more fights any time soon? I doubt it.