Thug Gets Smoked So Charlotte Rioters Loot Store, Smash Open Cash Registers! (VIDEO)

I bet Black Lives Matter thugs can’t wait till one of their friends gets smoked by a police officer for being a non-compliant jerk.

It doesn’t even matter if it’s a white or black cop who shoots someone. The black thugs are now using any cop shooting as an excuse to riot, loot, steal, attack people, and cause chaos while ruining a neighborhood.


Today’s glimpse into the failure of the black community is the greedy thieving hands of these losers who broke into a Charlotte store, brought the cash register outside, then as soon as a few dollars fell out it became madness. It was like watching the game Hungry Hungry Hippo, except it was all black people munching on dollar bills.

You know what pays more than ONE cash register? Getting a job. There’s no way these hoodrats even earned minimum wage when they split the cash from the stolen register. Can easily earn more than that by sitting at McDonald’s for minimum wage and playing on your phone the whole time. Barely have to work when you’re at a place like that.

You know what else pays more than ONE cash register? Our tax payer money that provides these losers with tons of free benefits like welfare, assistance, cheap rent, Comcast for like $8 a month. Why do they need Cable? Cable is for taxpayers. If those bums get it for $8 a month, then I want it for $8 a month too. I work for a living, I deserve it more than the lowlifes who refuse to work. Cheap rent and services should be a working man’s bonus, not a lazy man’s entitlement.

Here’s a video of the thug mentality that throws a riot looting party every time one of their loser friends are shot for being a douchebag to police.

Thank you Myrna Perez for your outstanding recording of wild animals in their natural habitat.

I feel so sad for the good African American people in our country. They do NOT deserve to be represented by the jerks in this video.

I hope any black person reading this knows that every good American out there does NOT think all black people are like this. We know there are good and bad people of every race, color, sex, and religion.

We hope that the good black people of America stand up to these thugs and give them a lesson on respect, civil obedience, and how to be a solid hard working person who contributes to society.

Stealing is taking, not contributing.

No one likes a taker.

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