Thug Thought He Was Tough Harassing Cops Getting Coffee Until He Gets Stupid Smirk Smacked Off His Face

The United States slowly piecing itself back together following the most damaging administration in recent history, and an election that split the country down the middle. The right rose up to take a stand for constitutionality and break away from the way we have been marginalized for the last 8 years. The left was taken aback by this show of force and retaliated with claims of racism and dishonesty that led to President Trump’s election.

This country, that has been on the edge of the divide for so long, has now been ripped apart by ideology, and we are fast losing hope that the gap can ever be bridged and the damage repaired. So was it worth it? Does what we are standing for really matter? Are we just being a bunch of squeaky wheels because we all, left and right, want our rights and we want the other to be happy about it? Basically, is it really worth it?

Let me show you a video of what the left has become, and see if you might agree with me that it is not only worth the effort but absolutely imperative, that we stand our ground.

There is so much that could be said about this clip, and if you’re like me, it might make you angry. Soon, though, that anger will probably dissolve into sadness or despair, and with good reason. This young man stands for everything that is poison in this country. One could justifiably say that the officer behind him is worth, in character, 10 times the harasser.

While my heart goes out to every officer that has been tormented by some tiny tyrant while on the job, his face, his decorum, his patience, and his adherence to a code of ethics give me hope. Hope that there is still character in this country. Hope that there still is a future for America, and hope that one day these little punks will be outed for what they are; pathetic puppets for an agenda that prays they get out of hand so the powers that be can reign down martial law on us all.

Whether he is smart enough to see it or not, the impudent little pest in this video is doing us a favor because whether he likes it or not, he’s giving us a glimpse of our future, and it’s not pretty. First, comes selfishness, then comes anarchy, then comes the crackdown, then comes the communists, to save the day.

So to this young man, I say “thank you.” Thank you for showing your true feelings, thank you for videoing it, and thank you for letting the world in on the secret that is our eventuality if we let our white guilt get in the way of doing what is right. Thank you for proving us right; now is the time to claim our country back.

(Source: InfoWars)

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