Rabid Thug Pulverizes Little Kid For Lemonade Money But Makes 1 BIG Mistake

While working a lemonade stand in their apartment complex’s parking lot, a couple of nine-year-olds were feeling pretty good about the $13.53 they had earned after a few hours of work, until a feral thug decided it should be his and pulverized the pair to get it but made a big mistake after initiating the beat down.

With nothing to do and no job to get to, 18-year-old Deante Small and a 16-year-old friend went walking around the apartment complex in Lutz, Florida looking for trouble and found it in the most unlikely of places. The saw two boys selling lemonade and decided to order some but didn’t think the pour was generous enough. When they complained to the kids about it, one boy got upset and threw the drink into the thug’s face, which Small used as an invitation to tackle him and take their money and run. Unfortunately for him, that plan didn’t go as well as he hoped.

Small knocked the boy half his size to the ground and started to run off with the lemonade money and an iPad.

Deante Small
Deante Small

He and his teen friend thought they got away with it until they went on a shopping trip at Walmart with the boys’ $13. They thugs were caught on camera and easily recognizable and arrested after leaving the store.

Small and his partner in crime were arrested and charged with battery, robbery, and petit theft all for acting tough and taking a few bucks from boys half his age, ABC Action News reports. Now he just looks dumb and has a criminal record as an adult even though he has already bonded out. Anyone who would rob a kid’s lemonade stand deserves to get knocked the hell out and it’s only a matter of time before that physical karma catches up to this idiot.

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