Thug Killed 2-yr-Old Boy by BRUTALLY Punching Him! Black Lives Matter SILENT!

what a scumbag looks like

Another black life doesn’t matter. A grown man punches a two-year-old and kills it.

I don’t see anything Reverend Al Sharpton, that white guy Shaun King, or the Izod-vest-wearing and “get myself arrested on purpose” Deray Mckesson.

Black Lives Matter is silent.

Black Lives Matter should burn this mans house down for murdering a child, then string him up on a cross out front of their house. I see nothing wrong with sacrificing a grown up if they purposely murder a child. Eye for an eye when it comes to killing innocent helpless kids. This man doesn’t even deserve a life in prison. Ramen Noodle commissary is too good for this scum.

Black Lives Matter should condone the black on black murder, which is probably the number one cause of death for black males.

Black Lives Matter should protest and block traffic in front of his house. They should light fires and loot his kitchen. They should do everything they can think of to prevent another black man from murdering a black innocent kid.

This is heartbreaking, disgusting, and gut wrenching. That child deserved to have a happy life, not a life cut short by some angry loser.


This is Zachary Tricoche and he killed the two-year-old in the picture. Zachary should get the death penalty.

DownTrend – His girlfriend came home from the store with groceries that didn’t meet his approval. Maybe she forgot the grape soda, who knows? In any case, Tricoche started yelling at his old lady for a substandard grocery trip.

The yelling got physical and Tricoche pushed his girlfriend. His girlfriend’s 2-year-old son became upset that this angry man was assaulting his mother. It’s unclear what the boy did, but Tricoche took great offense at the toddler’s reaction.

Tricoche challenged the little boy to a fight, commanding him to “put his hands up.” If you’re like me you are probably thinking at this point the asshole was going to smack the kid around and teach him a lesson he didn’t deserve, but that’s not even close to what happened. Tricoche punched the toddler in the torso as hard as he could twice. On the second blow the little boy went flying into the wall, cracking his head.

The little boy was knocked out cold. The boy’s mother called 911 saying that her son had vomited and become unresponsive. The 2-year-old was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Authorities say the child died from blunt force trauma. More specifically his liver was crushed and he internally bled to death.

The mother told the true story and what really happened. The man was locked up and his bail was set to $1,000,000.

I  hope he gets the death penalty.

Killing an innocent child on purpose doesn’t deserve life in prison. That could get too comfortable.

Let him fry.

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